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CORE! HUH! What Is It Good For?

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

Samie and I got down to talking about CORE and how to get amazing abs! Here are some highlights....

Your core is not your abs! It includes your obliques and back muscles (fancy muscle group names in the podcast). Your core helps you stand (and run) upright with good posture.

You may have a really strong core...but if you want to be able to SEE it you have to watch your diet.

If you want amazing abs, work your core every other day for 30 mins.

You need to fatigue the muscles and really feel the pain in order to see the gain.

A strong core will tighten up your running form, and help you conserve energy.

Also...if you're like Samie and a new mom who wants to build your core back up after surgery/being pregnant, we get into it at the end about the top 4 core exercises that work wonders, and the importance of getting the gym time in even if it's only 15 mins. Samie and I are both busy gym moms, so if we can can do it!

See down below for the amazing core workout that Samie prescribed. It's called the Thunder Waistline workout!

Side plank
Plankin' like a pirate

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