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Updated: Nov 12, 2018

Mmm mmm even a slim ting distance runner like me got one major body goal and that is....booty. Booty, booty, booty.

Listen to this ep to find out....

What are the muscle groups in the bumper? We know about the gluteus maximus, but there's also the minimus and the medius.

Does strong booty mean big booty, and small booty mean weak booty? NO!

Plus - keeping your glutes strong help propel you forward when running. So don't neglect 'em!

Listen to our booty talk, and follow along the glute and thigh workout below.

(Bonus points if you can count the number of times we say "booty" in this one episode...)

Sumo deadlifts – keep your legs far apart, arms close together on the bar.

Weighted squats – hold a barbell as you squat. You can also do split squats to get a good workout.

Kick back machine – works your glutes and hamstrings!

Leg Abductor – sit forward just a bit to activate the glutes.

Remember, you are pushing your thigh outwards (not tightening them inwards) for the ABductor. (Inwards is the ADductor).

Leg curl - work those hamstrings.

Hip thrusts - this isolates the glutes and can also be done with a barbell held across the hips. Donkey kicks - uses your body weight and activates the glutes. Can also be done with a band for more resistance!

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