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Reggae Marathon: Real Vibes!

As December approaches and my half marathon training intensifies, I’m reflecting on my incredible Reggae Marathon experience from 2018. I had high hopes for the event and they were realized.

I’ve had a few friends who participated in the event and came away telling tales of what an amazing time they had. The vibes. The music. The people.

So, as someone who has run in numerous Caribbean destinations, I had an idea of what I was getting into when I decided to compete.

The Reggae Marathon experience surpassed my expectations.

The morning of the event was lively and fun. I was bubbling with nerves, as I always am before a race, but the atmosphere was so refreshing. New sights. New sounds. Teems of people with one shared goal gathered around the start line: have fun and finish strong.

Runners from all over the world came together, and before the gun went we were well entertained by music, mascots, and performers who all brought the real energy and spirit of Jamaica to this unique destination marathon experience.

There’s a 10K, half-marathon and marathon; I chose the half-marathon. The course is flat and fast so I had high expectations of myself to perform in the race. I went through the first 10K precisely on target. Water stops were perfectly adequate but my favourite “stops” along the course were the vehicles. People pulled up on the side of the road and blared music from their cars. It definitely kept me skanking down the road.

In the second half of the race, though I fell off pace, the runners around me kept encouraging me. That’s the spirit of long distance running! Although I didn’t make my personal time goal, I managed to move into first place and after the final turn, I kept pushing it to keep that lead until the end.

Breaking the tape and getting the win at the 2018 Reggae Half-Marathon was a great achievement. After the race, there is plenty food, entertainment and the beautiful beach. This event is an awesome destination marathon – starting and finishing in pure paradise. The beaches of Negril are top class, and the strip of hotels and restaurants will keep you entertained after the race. Eat, drink and be merry to your heart’s content! And take home a medal or two.

Reggae Marathon yuh bad enuff!

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