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Endurance In De Fete

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Stamina! Endurance! How can we improve our aerobic and muscular endurance in order to sustain a longer running, life and wukking up? Listen up to this Runnin Bout to hear more.


CARLIE: (00:15) Welcome back to Runnin Bout. Of course. I'm your host Carlie and I'm joined by Revolution Running Certified Trainer, Corey McClean. Also in the building we've got Strength Coach, he opted for only two words today, Tennyson Harrigan. He's also the founder of Base Fitness. Remember you can follow them @basefitnessonline on IG we're live all now, all now. Um, you can also follow me at @carlierunsbarbados and you can follow Corey at @that_McClean_guy. Welcome guys. How are y'all doing today? Is everybody in a good mood?

TENNYSON: (00:50) I just had my coffee so maybe in the next ten minutes.

CARLIE: (00:54) In the next 10 minutes we will see an improvement. Yeah. Right. So before we get into today's topic, I want to open up, first of all and say big congratulations to everyone who participated in the Nationals at the stadium last weekend. It was Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Anybody who won their events and may have also been the only person in their events. You also, you came for a second and last anyway. But yeah, congrats. All the athletes who came out and everybody of course, who came out and watched too. Because guess what, we do love having spectators. It's true. SoThanks. So that's the first thing. Second thing also not related to the topic or kind of related. Crop over. I want to know what it means to you guys because this is something that we haven't really touched on yet though. We've been talking about "Crop Over Life". I want to know what it means to you. Tennyson and I think I'll start with you cause I have a feeling you're not a Crop Over guy.

TENNYSON: (01:57) No, not really. Um, I've never jumped carnival or anything, genuinely not interested. Um, but as somebody that does web design and graphic work and probably means that I get more work around this time. I'm also a major part of Ticket Linkz. Ryan and myself we started it. Basically we started it and that's been an interesting journey. Each Crop Over is more and more clients and it's grown since then. So that's my Crop Over experience has been tied to Ticket Linkz.

CARLIE: (02:40) So what would it take to get you to jump? Like no, honestly what would it take to get you to agree to go down the road one time?

TENNYSON: (02:54) I'd have to think about it

CARLIE: (02:55) He's like absolutely nothing, nothing....

TENNYSON: (03:01) I'd have to think about it. Dehydration, it's, cardio All of the things I don't like so it's a hard sell.

CARLIE: (03:09) Now Corey, what would it take to get you to actually stay home from a fete or Crop Over? I know you're more of a Crop Over baby. So let me hear your take on it.

COREY: (03:20) I spent a very, very long time not being very, very involved and then somehow serendipitously, um, me and boys got together and this is now our thing that the month of July belongs to us. So we're out multiple times a week, all month of July and maybe don't go on the actual road. Reason being, reason being for several years on Kadooment day I would be working. So that was the reason so the season leading up then I do all the fetes and whatnot. And then on actual Kadooment day I'd be working. Somewhere in between 2019 now that daddy mode doesn't necessarily need to keep me in, the house specifically as much.

TENNYSON: (04:18) That happens?

CARLIE: (04:20) you are still on the journey, my friend.

COREY: (04:30) So as long as you schedule and all that stuff you schedule and thing, I presume this is all is all presumption here. I presume that the, the visa application process would be forthcoming. So maybe maybe on the road but definitely showed he sees it. I go may my big, my big events already booked.

CARLIE: (04:58) Correct. So I am more of an on the road person that necessarily the fetes throughout the season. I tend to hit that Kadooment and hit it running! and you're talking about visa application. My husband doesn't like it but he knows he doesn't have a say, it's like Kadooment Day me and my best friend Natalie that's our day. That hall pass is signed. So this brings us to our topic for today, which is kind of relevant too, not only crop over as a season, which we love, right? Um, but also running sports, stamina and endurance, I guess they're kind of the same. Yeah. What we need to get us through sports but also the season. So can we start by maybe defining what stamina is?

COREY: (06:27) so stamina in my head cause it was not a scientific definition. This is literally, you know, off the top, off top my head. Um, stamina basically refers to the ability to sustain effort. That's awesome. Nice and scientific. Very great. Sustained effort for a prolonged period of time. Um, so what does that mean from a a fitness perspective and a physiological perspective? That means that it's very heavily predicated on, um, the aerobics system aerobic energy system.

COREY: (07:00) Um, so we can also then look at stamina in terms of 2 things which is, um, aerobic endurance and muscular endurance.

CARLIE: (07:12) How easy is it to improve aerobic endurance and muscular endurance? Well, what's the difference between the two for one?

COREY: (07:19) The muscular endurance is the ability of your muscles to do things for an extended period of time. And then the aerobic endurance is the ability of your muscles in tandem with your breathing and your heart and all that stuff to utilize oxygen as a main fuel source for an extended period of time.

CARLIE: (07:48) If I feel like I'm out of breath going upstairs, that is not my aerobic system that is needed a little work. The feeling of my God, I can't, yeah, yeah.

COREY: (07:57) From thing that you're gasping for breath. Then you're starting with your aerobics system. So that's your ability to utilize oxygen if you are, so you're going to be stairs and your legs start to burn? No, we're looking at your muscular endurance. Okay. That's a good, that identifies the difference between the two. Cause I felt both feelings but mostly I think for me I ended up with the like I feel like my aerobic endurance is fine, but my legs will hit the burning point I guess because of your lactate that builds up is that it's not related so and muscular endurance.

COREY: (08:32) Because for you, because you knowing you and knowing who you are and what you, what you're capable of, I would not think that is immediately muscular endurance based on what you do. So if you are running a five k, 10 K or whatever, it is likely that you are moving at such a speed that you are yes. Building lactate and possibly lactic acid as well. It's not quite the same, but they're similar. They're close but not the same. Right. So, so then that is, as you rightly said, related to your ability to flush that those metabolites out of your system and still perform at that particular speed. Now. See I was doing squats or deadlifts or something, things that show my weaknesses. So say I'm doing, you know, five squats, it's unlikely that I'm going to get that burning feeling if I'm using a low weight. But if I'm doing 50 or 150 or whatever, which are likely outcomes are requirements in crossfit. Say I'm doing 150 wall balls. So, um, I'm going to get to a point where my legs burn and, and, and, and, and, and, and my, my breathing, right, it will be out of breath as well. So now both, both points of endurance will be challenged.

CARLIE: (10:10) So what can we do to improve our endurance? Generally our stamina generally, let's see, we're, we're the average person and we're at I guess ground zero or thereabouts. What can we do and how quickly can we make a difference? Is that something that's going to take weeks and weeks and weeks.

COREY: (10:29) So endurance, sports, the ability to do endurance activities improve is improved only by doing endurance activities. Yep. That's it. Pretty much. Yeah. And you think about it too is that is also sports specific. So to a point, because everything is to a point. Yeah. So say you're riding a bike, it will help generally, but it also will not help you run better. If running is going to help, but it's not going to help you cycle better.

CARLIE: (11:03) Right. So it might improve my endurance but not necessarily the sport specific aspects of cycling versus running versus swimming. Correct. But what about wukking up because that kind of the sport at this time of year.

COREY: (11:16) It's a high intensity contact sport. But to be fair, what is a squat? What is a wuk up a wuk up is a prolonged squat. Yeah, that's it. That's all it is. So there are a couple of things that you need in order to wuk up and wuk up well. Well if you are um, an entry level wuk upper, then you need some, you know, aerobic endurance to sustain. If you are a moderate to to recreational wuk upper, then you need your, your leg muscularity to be, to, to, to have that endurance as well. So your leg muscles, you need the strength and the endurance in them. And if you are a professional wuk upper or you need also some hip mobility in order to reach the floor. So I guess there's levels to this. There's a level, it's like what are you leaving your house to do?

COREY: (12:24) Are you a pretty stand up on poser? Then you know, just a little bit enough to take a little wine. If you are a a stabber then you need the muscular endurance to, to how many business you need to hit the gym. You need to hit the gym, you know, work for this and start now. You need to start two months ago that you started two months ago. But to be, to be, to be honest though, to be honest though, this is serious business real talk if you are going to do the half marathon. That is Kadooment day jump up because that's what it is, is you're going to do that half marathon in the hot sun. please, please do. Please don't let that be the first thing for the year that you exercise.

CARLIE: (13:10) So we should be warming up before considering Kadooment Day the half marathon and where we're all now just starting July right where we're going to be warming up the next four or five weeks. What can we be doing to warm up?

COREY: (13:25) Of course. I mean I'm, I'm a big fan of, you know, having a, at least one or two warm up fete and that's like, you know, the, the more posing, posing, uh, focus fetes where you go, you have a few drinks to catch up with some friends, take a little wine and get a little psget to see, get a feel it. Oh, you know, did get a little feeling of the season here. The music as is now becoming, you know, popular and enjoy yourself. Nothing too serious. Maybe a break of small sweat. But you know, generally your clothes are still clean when you go back home.

CARLIE: (14:03) So do we sort of increase our activity level on the dance floor as we get closer?

COREY: (14:09) Well, yes. So what's going to happen is as the season progresses on, you go through the most, you're going to have more and more things popping up.

COREY: (14:18) So one, they're going to be a lot more say mid week fetes. So the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday night events along with the Saturdays. And then you're going to have the Sunday nights popping up as well. Don't go to all on on the first week, you know, maybe do one, maybe do a two and then you start building up so that by the last lap week you can do all seven. Bro. Last lap week partying starts on the Monday.

TENNYSON: (14:56) Now I have some familiarity with this coming from Trinidad but I didn't know you Bajans did this.

COREY: (14:57) Well see the difference between trinis and bajans is that trinis, they pace themselves for an extended period of time. So they'll party for 24 hours and feel great about it. Bajans will not do that. They just show up to the fete at one oclock. Party hard it's full contact sport until three 30 and bye bye. And I mean it's a generalization but it is a, it is basically a synopsis of how the differences in terms of the partying styles between bajans and trinis. I find personally that trinis can, party with a drink in their hand.

CARLIE: (15:46) now, are there actual tangible exercises people could do that might see them well in a fete?

COREY: (18:13) I mean like squat holds, squats, lunges, walking lunges. Yeah. Stuff that will condition your quads for sure. Goes. I mean as a guy there's nothing worse than being challenged by a lady and halfway through the leg burns,starts to kick in and then you got bail. So you know what work your legs.

TENNYSON: (18:41) What about mobility?

COREY: (18:43) I know some people hate on crossfit but in crossfit are points of performance are hip crease below parallel. So my thing is to the ladies, if you challenged me I will take you to the floor. hip crease below parallel. Okay. You know, this is not a standup and you know, we perfectly vertical kind of kind of situation. You know there's a possibility that if you'd decide you're going, I am going with you and staying if necessary you go hold it.

CARLIE: (19:36) Squats, walking, lunges, mobility. That's what we want to look at. If we want to be getting our wuk ups to a nice warm point, so that's all we want to work on in the gym.

TENNYSON: (20:33) What about sport-specific training can't you just wuk up in the gym?

COREY: (20:37) Oh yeah, it's called the wuk up workout and so yeah, there's wukup workouts and this time of year Spin get fairly bashy. Yeah. So I've seen some footage from um, I think it's called soap bash. Like this guy spin class is a legit honest to God fat right now. Like I, you seen actual performances in his gym during class. Interesting performances from, from musicians. That's cool as hell.

CARLIE: (21:12) I would be a back of the class type of person.

TENNYSON: (21:31) So pro tip, if you want to train specifically for a couple of your Spin classes or aerobic classes, maybe we need to get some optional lists.

CARLIE: (21:42) Well, yeah, you're right. I know there's a hot summer burn every weekend. Hott summer burn is there as well too. Probably pretty sport specific.

COREY: (21:51) Yeah. Um, and I know our buddy Erin, that's Flow work. I think flow work isn't quite wuk up but its dance and also fitness. Right. And I'm willing to observe....

CARLIE: (22:04) Speaking of there's also skin otology with Sheriann Norris. Um, now let's talk about food and nutrition too. Is it possible to get our energy from what we eat to help us maintain some stamina, lifestyle going on?

COREY: (23:38) Does that help? Not really. I mean it's, it's like any sport. If you eat corn curls then you're going to have corn curls performance. Yeah. So like that. I prefer that you eat some actual food, you know, vegetables and whatnot, you know, and try to stay... I mean, carbs are necessary for expending energy. Um, what I'll say though for sure is limit your exposure to say junk. So while you're in the fete maybe skip the fries and the Greasy Burger and that kind of stuff. And I always say drink water, drink water. So alternate alternating between the two. And if, if you are going to a boogie fete, you can get coconut water, do it right. Electrolytes. And it does not count if the coconut water. Has Rum in it.

CARLIE: (28:28) Um, now high altitude masks are something that I've seen some people using. No, cause I just remembered, um, remembered it. I, and I saw something recently on the Internet and stuff. See people using them to increase their endurance and stuff. And I know though, a lot of the athletes, well if you want to be at the top of your game, you have to train high altitude for, for long distance runners, particularly, um, masks. Do they work? Now we're talking outside of a crop over context.

COREY: (29:08) Buying a high altitude mass is cheaper than flying to boulder, so hey, there's that. But um, as Tennyson would say it's not actually mimicking the height altitude environment.

TENNYSON: (29:33) However, it does help you train with less oxygen, um, to a certain extent so that there will be some good benefits to it, but you're not gonna get the same benefit as actually going on a mountain and breathing in air that has a less or lower percentage of oxygen in it. Um, I guess the biggest benefit to it is strengthening your diaphragm as you breath harder [inaudible] trying to get more air in. Um, but it's not the same.

CARLIE: (33:48) Well that's where we'll close today's show. Thanks. Of course for listening. Remember you can find us on iTunes, on Google podcasts, anywhere you listen to your podcasts, you can look for us. You can also find us on ciao and see you next time ...deuces. DEUCES peeps.

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